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venue info


19-23 Oxford Street,
London W1D 2DN

venue telephone:

020 7437 0964
for venue only
(answerphone before 5pm) -
for booking enquiries please use bookings e-mail below


020 7494 4795

assistant manager:

andy caldicott


click here to email for general enquiries & lost property


click here to email for booking enquiries ONLY


For general enquiries, please use e-mail above. Specific contacts for venue including engineers will be provided to promoters/bands after booking.



age restrictions :

18+ only

floor plan:

to download venue floor plan as word.doc click here (floorplan is also included in tech.spec. download)


£1 item - coats & bags only.


Male toilets are to the left of the stage and female toilets are to the left of the back exit, opposite the bar in the main room.

PLEASE READ: Please take note of any venue rules/regulations (**marked**) that may be included in the spec below. They are there to ensure both the smooth running of events/shows and for the Health & Safety of you and your audience, and as such should be carefully observed. The technical specifications below are subject to change without notice, and any queries should be resolved BEFORE the night of the show. IF IN DOUBT ASK!

sound spec

live booth:

1 x

MIDAS Verona, 32 channel / 8 sub groups / 8 AUX

3 x

Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equalisers EQ39 EQ54 EQ14

1 x

SPL Gold Mic Dual Channel Valve Pre-Amp

1 x

TC Electronic D-Two Multitap Rhythm Delay

1 x

TC Electronic M300

4 x

DBX 266XL dual compressor ( 8 channels gates / compressors)

2 x

Focusrite Platinum Compounder (4 mono channels gates/ compressors )

1 x

Drawmer MX40 4 channel Noise Gate

1 x

Technics CD player

1 x

48ch Multicore FOH

1 x

48ch Returns Stagebox/multicore (ready for monitor desk/ recording)

speakers: *upgraded*

4 x

d&b Audiotechnik C7 Sub Cabinets

2 x

d&b Audiotechnik C7 Top Cabinets

monitors (all passive): *upgraded*

5 x

d&b Max Monitors (Stage)

amps (main): *upgraded*

2 x

d&b P1200a Mainframes C7 top/ sub DB3 DB4

amps (monitors): *upgraded*

4 x

Crest Audio CPX2600 amplifiers


1 x


4 x

Shure SM57

7 x

Shure SM58

1 x

JTS Overheads

3 x

Shure Beta 58A

3 x

Shure Beta 57A

1 x

Shure Beta 52

3 x

Sennheiser E604

2 x

Rhode NT 5

1 x

Rhode NT 3

1 x

Shure 81

1 x

Shure Beta 91


3 x

Phonic (active)

3 x

LD Systems (active)

2 x

LEEM (passive)

1 x

Horizon (passive)

1 x

Palmer (passive)

dj booth:

2 x

Technics SL1210 Turntables

2 x

Pioneer CD J100

1 x

Pioneer DJM600 Mixer

lighting spec

main room/dancefloor:

1 x

Programmable Lighting Pattern Controller

4 x


1 x

Mirror Ball with Spots

6 x

Front (Stage Light & Controller)

4 x

Middle (Stage Light & Controller)

1 x

Laser Image Projector (Highlighting Stage)


4 x

Colour Background & Spot with booth controller




load-in & equipment storage


All loading in through rear entrance

Entrance in Falconberg Mews (off Sutton Row off Soho Sq.- same road as load in for Astoria). Many of the roads in the West End are one way, and we strongly recommend you check your route before leaving. You can view a detailed Google Map here. (This site can also give you directions by entering your journey start.)

load in:

Sound check / load in time as advised.

load out:

For most live shows load out must be before or straight after headline act finishes. Most shows are followed by club nights at 11pm, and no equipment can be left on stage.


Due to limited space we cannot offer storage facilities for your equipment. Equipment cannot be stored till venue close either - load out as explained above.


Falconberg Court should be used for load-in and load-out only. There are strict parking restrictions in this area, and access must not be blocked as there may be other shows, and other venues also use this road.

After 6.30pm, parking is free on single yellow lines. There are also several public car parks in this area, but be aware that their rates can be extremely high.

flyering & promotion:

It is expected that bands/promoters will often flyer prior to the show, but any discounts offered for in-house shows on flyers must be agreed with The Metro in advance. Handing out flyers with discounts to the queue on the night of the show will not be permitted for any event.

**Flyering outside The Metro or within a 150m radius of the club is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Bill posting ANYWHERE is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This is BY ORDER OF WESTMINSTER COUNCIL and is ILLEGAL . Any bands/promoters ignoring this restriction will be liable for fines received by The Metro from Westminster Council as a result.**

posters & banners in the club / decor:

**All cloth/fabric banners must be flame-barred and Fire Certified (Class A & O spread of flame). Paper banners/posters pose a fire risk and are NOT ALLOWED on stage or in the main rooms. Posters are permitted in the foyer/entrance. Permission must be granted prior to the show for banners, and the duty manager must be consulted for method of fixing before hanging. Promoters / bands should not interfere with or remove existing banners or fixings in the venue without permission. The cost of any damage that occurs as a result of ignoring this may be deducted from band fee.**

**Remember: All fire certifications regarding banners are for the Health & Safety of both you and your audience and should be strictly adhered to.**

filming & sound recording :

All filming and sound recording is strictly forbidden unless written authorisation has been granted by the venue in advance. If you wish to film or record a live show please contact our office before the day of the show to discuss you requirements.



Live & Club Hire: The promoter will supply their own cashier. A cashier can be provided by the venue, but only if arranged IN ADVANCE.

guest list:

The promoter must supply their own staff. Guest list staff MUST arrive before venue opening.


The venue will always provide security staff. Promoters cannot bring their own security.

licensing hours:


Mon-Sat: 1100h - 0300h
Sun: 1200h - 2230h

music & dance:

Mon-Thu: 0900h - 0300h
Fri-Sat: 0900h - 0600h
Sun: 1200h - 0000h

disabled access:

The Metro is a basement venue in an old building, and whilst we would like to provide easy access for all, there may be accessibility problems for those with restricted mobility. Entry to the venue is via two narrow stairways (with turns), and there are also several stepped levels inside the venue.


All technical specifications are subject to change without notice. If you have any special or particular requirements please contact our office prior to the day of the show.

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